Playing With The Camera on Easter Weekend


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Day 5 — April 17, 2014 — San Antonio: A Long Way Home

It has been a great week in San Antonio. As I prepare to leave the city, a part of me would like to stay awhile longer.

There is something peaceful about hearing the music from the River Walk in my hotel room. And something magic about how every flag I see here is always flying in the wind. I guess one reason for this is there are no mountains to block the wind. In a way this reminds me of my riskier side. This part of me would gladly trade the protection of the mountains back home for the deep blue sky.

I didn’t get to see all of the things I wanted to see here, so that is an excuse to come back one day. For now it is time to head home. I have things to do and people I want to see. I get to go flying, and flying always makes me happy. Just wish I could set in the front seat!


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